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Secondary Air Injection and Repair

This is a system that incorporates injection of air in vehicle exhaust systems. This is a technique of making sure that gases are fully combusted by injecting air from outside into a vehicle’s exhaust stream. An engine generates more thrust when gases are full combusted and so adds to the efficiency of the engine.

The air injection method dictates the type of injection of air method to a vehicle’s waste system. The point of air injection into the exhaust system is factored in as a determinant of the mechanism of exhaust emissions to be used. Initially, secondary air injection systems were installed and strategically placed so as to inject air in the cylinder heads, ports producing exhaust emissions or in the vehicle emission manifold.

Oxygen gas that was injected into the engine aided in complete combustion of the fuel to avoid unburned or partially combusted fuel. Emission of fuel that had not been totally combusted was controlled by the initial air injection systems. With advancement in technology, effectiveness and efficiency was realized and the emission of unburned and partially burned fuel was minimized. The air injection systems were advanced to be more greater and more efficient effect.

Air injection can be done in two distinct ways for better engine performance. For instance we have injection systems that use a pump in their operation. The pump is usually connected to the engine by using a belt which turns it or it could have an electric motor. Air is injected to the emgine’s injection points and this is done by an adequate amount of pressure from the air pump. This method also involves the use of valves which stop the waste gas from the engine from flowing back to the air injection system thereby causing a damage to the pump.

Air can also be forced into the engine when in creates a suction. This involves the introduction of secondary air by taking advantage of the engine suction due to the negative pressure it creates during idling. The air injection strategy was employed by a famous vehicle producer and it has been effective.

The exhaust of dangerous gases generated by vehicle engines has been made minimal by the introduction and advancement of air injection systems. The air is lesser toxic due to minimal toxic gases released from vehicle engines because they are able to give out more drive force than before. Fuel that was earlier exhausted before complete combustion is now being fully combusted thereby reducing fuel consumption.

To have a smooth running air injection system and efficient engine, it is vital to have the system checked on I’m repeat intervals to ensure that it is operating efficiently. The level of damage will determine whether a normal preservation or an overhaul of the air injection system will be done. Most vehicle repair shops are capable of maintaining and repairing a broken air injection system.

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