What Kind Of Love Will Keep A Relationship Alive?

Some languages have many words for “love,” while English has only one. However, English speakers use the word to apply to many feelings and relationships. Even within romantic relationships, people are not always feeling or looking for the same kind of love. According to https://www.facebook.com/embodywoman/, there are three different types of romantic love, but only one will keep a relationship going for the long haul.


Relationship experts argue that infatuation isn’t really love—it’s just desire. Infatuation is an intense and exciting feeling that is based mainly on physical attraction and imagination. When two people are infatuated, they may feel obsessed with each other and want to be together constantly. They may think about each other all the time when they’re apart. But, infatuation never lasts. Once that initial desire has been satisfied and the other person is no longer a constant source of new discovery, couples settle into routines and the romance dies down. If true love has not grown to replace infatuation, then the couple will likely break up at this point.

Unconditional Love

Love songs have promised unconditional love as the great reward of finding a partner, and most people think of unconditional love as being loved no matter what. With this type of love, all mistakes are forgiven and no one is ever required or expected to change to please their partner. In reality, however, this type of love is more typically what parents feel for their children. The prodigal son is always welcomed back by the father. The straying husband, however, is not always welcomed back by his wife no matter how much she loves him. Thus, unconditional love is a false expectation in a romantic partnership.

Partner Love

There’s not a ready-made expression for the type of love that lasts in romantic relationships, but some relationship experts use the term “partner love.” While the emphasis of unconditional love is all about receiving love, partner love is about giving. When a person focuses on bringing his or her best self into a relationship and the other person does the same, they are both able to care for, appreciate, and rely on each other. This type of love is the type that lasts.

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