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The Joy and Beauty of Baking

Anyone who enjoys baking will tell you how beautifully satisfying the experience is. If you’ve always wanted to try baking but somehow need a bit of a push, that’s probably what you’re getting very soon. Your bread machine or oven isn’t going to bake on its own.

There’s nothing quite like that smell!

Yes, that smell can be rather spellbinding, especially if it comes straight from your own oven or your bread machine. It can be apple pie, cinnamon bread or plain bread – nothing just makes your house glow with that smell of love quite like that. Studies actually say baking can cause a flood of beloved childhood memories. When you’ve started baking, you will never want your home to smell of anything else. And your bread machine or oven will brim with life that it so deserves.

It’s scientific.

Baking is different from other types of cooking in that it doesn’t require a specific talent or skill. You just need to have good focus and the discipline to do exactly as the recipe says. Forget adjustments or improvisations, unless you’re ready to get a different result. Note that measurements are central to baking. It’s a scientific process, and as mentioned, you will obtain the exact delicious outcome at the end if you strictly follow the recipe. So no magic here! Just love. And of course, your bread machine or oven.

Baked goodies can be frozen.

Once you’ve baked some nice and delicious goodies for the family or for your friends, it’s not necessary to finish everything right away. Whatever you couldn’t finish can always go to the freezer. Whenever you feel hungry, it’s just right there waiting for you in the freezer.

Baking is love.

Unless you’re greedy by nature, you’re probably going to give some of those cookies to your kids or bring them over to a friend’s house. To bake is to love and share. Baking has a way of bringing people together so many reasons. And if you’re the one who baked for everyone, it gives you a secretly amazing feeling. And with your bread machine or oven, you’ll think there’s so much more baking to do.

It’s highly affordable.

Cooking meats, cheeses and all can be expensive, but not baking. Baking is just about the opposite. Usually, you’ll only need flour, eggs, sugar and some additions, which are also probably cheap.

So what’s keeping you? Get baking!

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